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Truth. Accountability. Common Sense.


Proud to be the only police-endorsed candidate in district 42B!

Why I’m Running

I love Minnesota and have loved raising my family here.  Sadly, the Minnesota I see today is not the Minnesota I grew up in.  Crime, education gaps, government spending and overreach are all out of control.  We can do better and we MUST do better.  It’s time to bring truth and common sense back to public policy.  I will hold government to a higher standard of accountability and not sit back and watch while our state and communities crumble. I am running to be part of the solution.

There is a famous quote which says, “The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.” I refuse to do nothing.  I want my children and grandchildren to grow up in the Minnesota I grew up in; one that reflects the midwestern values of strong character, hard work and integrity.  I want them to live in a Minnesota that is safe and a state that respects and honors the ones that keep us safe.  I want them to value and honor freedom, including religious freedom, health freedom and freedom of speech. 

Together, let’s make Minnesota strong, safe and full of opportunity for all of our citizens!


Jackie Schroeder
State Representative Candidate
House District 42B – Plymouth and Medicine Lake


Meet Jackie

I’m a wife, mom and business owner who understands the struggles and stresses families, employers and seniors face. I will work for our communities with the same determination and common sense that have enabled me to be successful in other arenas and will fight to create opportunities for all in our community – all while holding government accountable for results.

On the Issues

Fighting Crime in Our Neighborhoods

Violent crime is spilling into our neighborhoods as criminals become emboldened by lax sentences. Jackie supports increasing penalties for violent crimes, fully funding law enforcement, and will demand prosecutors stop the revolving door which releases criminals back in our communities.

Better Schools for Our Kids

As a public school, homeschool and private school mom, Jackie will ensure schools are focused on academic achievement and hold district administration accountable for results. Jackie supports full transparency of school curriculum, activities and policies, and opposes biased, political, and opinion based curriculum.

Controlling the Cost of Living

Minnesotans are facing increasing costs for gas, food, and everyday living expenses while state government has a $9.3 billion surplus. Jackie will fight to end the taxation on social security income for seniors.  She will also work to institute a permanent tax cut.