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Compare the Candidates

Law Enforcement


  • Voted to allow cities to defund their police.
  • Voted to allow cities and counties to disarm its police.
  • Voted against funding to combat drug and human trafficking and car-jackings.
  • Voted against increased penalties for assault against police and National Guard.

SF2673, A4 amendment; HJ 12642, 4/29/22; HJ 6302, 4/21/21


  • Endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA)

  • Supports fully funding law enforcement so police can keep Plymouth residents safe.

  • Mother of a MPLS Police Officer

Public Safety


  • Voted against keeping violent criminals in jail.

  • Voted against increased penalties for a gang member in possession of a firearm.

  • Voted to lessen penalties for violent criminals.

  • Voted against increased penalties for the sale of fentanyl.
  • Voted to legalize edible THC with few restrictions. (Plymouth has instituted a 1-year moratorium on the sale of THC edibles due to the unintended consequences that have already arisen)

SF 2673, A5 amendment; HJ 12638, 4/29/22; HJ 762, 6/29/21; HJ 5396, 4/16/21


  • Supports increasing penalties for violent crimes.

  • Demands that prosecutors stop the revolving door which releases criminals back into our communities.

  • Will work to prevent far-left organizations from bailing out violent criminals.

  • Will increase fentanyl sale penalties.
  • Supports medical-use marijuana only.



  • Voted for the divisive and racist Critical Race Theory educational standards.

  • Voted against Parental Rights in Education. This bill would have prevented classroom instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity from occurring in grades K-3. This bill also would have supported parent notification of their child’s mental, emotional or physical well-being.  Ginny voted against this.

HJ 5550, HJ 5546, 4/19/21; HF11771, 4/27/22


  • Supports School Choice. Funding should follow the child, so parents can choose the best possible education.

  • Supports full transparency of school curriculum and opposes biased and opinion-based curriculum.

  • Believes parents should be part of the solution, not left out of the equation.



  • Voted for a $2.73 billion tax increase on businesses when Minnesota had a record $9.3B revenue surplus.

  • Voted against Social Security tax relief for seniors.

  • Voted for $4B in new transportation taxes including 20 cent gas tax increase.
  • Voted for $2B tax increase on job creator which would lead to a payroll tax increase impacting working families.
  • Voted to make the provider tax permanent, taxing cancer treatments, pregnancies, heart attacks and other health treatments.

HJ 8093, 3/10/22; HJ 8193, 3/14/22; HJ 8732, 3/31/22; SS1 HJ 792, 6/30/21; HJ 4873, 4/29/19; HJ 6853, 3/5/20; SS1 HJ 33, 05/24/19


  • Supports returning the $9.3B surplus to hardworking Minnesotans through permanent tax relief.

  • Supports eliminating the Minnesota state tax on Social Security income for our seniors.

Waste, Fraud and Abuse


  • Voted against investigating waste, fraud, and abuse in state contracting, such as the $250 million Feeding our Future scandal.

  • Voted to construct a new, luxury office building for politicians that could cost up to $300 million.

  • Voted for her own $15,000 pay raise.

HJ 5365, 4/16/21; HJ 780, 6/29/21, HJ 99, 5/24/19


  • Will respect you and your tax dollars, and will demand accountability in the use of those monies.

  • Will vote for common sense policies to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in state contracting.

Election Integrity


  • Voted against an amendment establishing Voter ID in Minnesota.

HJ 11470, 4/26/21


  • Supports Voter ID requirements. Make it easy to vote and difficult to cheat.

Health Care


  • Voted against increasing funding for nursing homes.

  • Voted against reducing taxes on health care.

  • Voted against increasing funding for services for people with disabilities.

  • Voted to cut funding to critical access hospitals.

  • Voted to cut rates for disability services.

  • Voted against allowing hospitals to add as many mental health and substance use beds as needed.

  • Voted against legislation that would reduce MNSURE premium fees.

HJ 12667, 5/3/22; HJ 12656, 5/3/22; HJ 12671, 5/3/22; HJ 12679, 5/3/22; HJ 6783, 4/26/21; HJ 6810, 4/26/21; SS1 HJ 528, 6/26/21; HJ 233, 6/21/21


  • Will increase nursing home funding.

  • Will increase funding for services for people with disabilities.

  • Will reduce taxes on health care.

  • Will work to increase mental health beds and services.

  • Will fight for Medical Freedom.

Jackie Schroeder.
Your Choice for a Safer, Thriving Plymouth.