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On the Issues

Where does Jackie stand on the top issues plaguing our great state?

Crime is out of control.

As many of us watched in utter disbelief, rioters burned parts of Minneapolis to the ground all while our governor did nothing.  Violent crime and theft are spilling into the suburbs as criminals become emboldened by lax penalties and sentences.  A woman was recently carjacked at our local target and home invasions in Plymouth are on the rise.  In fact, there have been 120 motor vehicle thefts in Plymouth since the start of the year and 73 residential burglaries.

Shouldn’t we all feel safe in our homes? Jackie will support increasing penalties for violent crimes and repeat offenders and will hold prosecutors responsible for charging and prosecuting crimes.  She supports fully funding our law enforcement.

Our once lauded education system is not doing its job.

We have one of the largest achievement gaps in the country.  Four out of 10 tenth graders statewide can’t pass the state reading test and fewer than half of our state’s 11th graders can pass the state math test.  Yet our legislature keeps throwing money at the problem without real solutions and nothing changes. 

How can they do that to our kids? Jackie will support education reforms that ensure schools are focused on academic achievement and hold administrations accountable for results. Jackie will prioritize real education over political indoctrination and expand school choice options for parents and their children. Jackie is an advocate for school choice.

Inflation is eating away at our savings and our income.

Astonishingly, the legislature and governor have kept an extra $9 billion of our money yet they couldn’t even finalize a bill to give social security tax breaks to seniors.

We have the fifth highest income tax rate in the country and are one of only 12 states that still taxes Social Security.  I will support permanent tax relief to help families, employers and seniors make ends meet instead of expanding government.

We need a return to truth, accountability, and common sense in our Legislature before it’s too late. That is what Jackie will fight for.